Christmas Gift Giving Ideas

Happy Holidays!  I love this time of year so much!  It’s cold out and I’m snuggled up indoors after a very bracing morning of chores which centers around “ice breaking” almost entirely.  I’m still a little chilled and feeling self-righteous about my morning efforts.  The real reason people stick with farming is the deeply-entrenched ideal that manual labor in adverse elements is a sign of strength.  Even though I privately whine and actually dislike being cold, I’m afraid of who I’d be without morning chores.  


I am sitting here thinking of Christmas and the numerous half-complete crochet projects I’m working on for my Christmas gift recipients.  Then I remembered YOU!  And thought I’d help you out with some ideas for the holidays.  In a nutshell – we have gift certificates available.  

Have a horse-crazy kid in your family?  A one-hour trail ride gift certificate can be redeemed ANY time.  It’s as close as it gets to actually buying them their own horse, and way less manure is involved.

Know a couple who never get away for a date night?  A gift certificate for our dinner tour (and a gift certificate from you to offer babysitting services) is a slam dunk.

Trying to put together a gift basket for a vacation?  You can put a gift certificate in there that can be applied to anything the recipient wants.  

They’re darn good gifts.  You can get yours by following this link.

Of course, if you want to do something RIGHT NOW with your family, you can come on out on Fridays and Saturdays for a wagon ride.  $5.00 per person, open from noon to 5 pm.  The ride lasts about 20 minutes.  We have a fire going, firepit tables, s’mores kits, and the barn is decorated if you find yourself waiting for the next wagon ride.  

Happy Holidays!Wishbone and Sis

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