Informal Horse of the Week – Jersey

The first time I met Jersey I really liked her.  Quiet, easy to get along with, and with the prettiest little baby-doll face.  When her owner asked if Jersey would be a good fit for our trail rides, I didn’t hesitate!  

Jersey is a beautiful “blue roan”.  Roan is an even mixture of colored and white hairs on the horse’s body, with their face, legs, tail, and mane having a solid color not white.  A blue roan actually has an even mixture of black and white hairs on the body, with black face, legs, mane, and tail.  From a distance she looks dark grey or blue, hence the name.  

Jersey likes to be the alpha in the herd and is very bossy, bordering on being a dictator.  This is just natural horse behavior, but I got tired of seeing the horses lower in the hierarchy get beat up, so Jersey is in her own paddock.  She can reach across the fence and touch noses with the other horses and enjoy all the benefits of being part of a herd, but the fence enables the other horses to move away from her before she can get too bossy with them.  She has some very strong opinions about seemingly random things, and a very loosely defined “personal space”.  

Jersey is a very nicely bred 16 or 17 year old Quarter Horse mare.  She’s stout, medium height, and has seen and done it all.  

If you ride Jersey on one of our trail rides, her favorite trick is to observe when you are distracted (like if you turn to speak to someone, or just start talking in general) at which point she will quickly snake her nose out and grab a mouthful of grape leaves.  You’d be amazed at just how crafty she is!

HorseEars.TrailPhoto Apr 08, 6 43 30 PM (1)

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