Tough Stuff

Doing the right thing sucks sometimes.

Here’s to Nevada:

When we first started our business we began scouring Craigslist and other online groups for suitable horses — older, quiet, calm.  We found an ad for a “free horse” in Roy, Washington.  Posting a horse (or most any other animal) on Craigslist as “free” is pretty much a death sentence for them.  I was hoping I could get to him before the meat buyers did.  

The family offering him was nice and upfront about his issues — intermittent lameness in the mountains.  They loved to ride in the mountains and Nevada just wasn’t up for it anymore.  We all agreed he’d probably do well on the gentle terrain on Red Mountain.  

Nevada was a stunning red horse with four tall white socks.  He had a cute face with big, soft doe eyes and little fox ears.  An important part of his legacy was how many children he taught — he was a lesson horse, a cowboy camp horse, and was a great boy for youngsters on our trail rides.  It’s safe to say Nevada changed lives.  He was always quiet and kind, and despite his advanced age he had a playful spirit in the herd.  

Nevada was one of the first horses in our string, a founding member of our operation.  He was always polite, always a gentleman.  Horses like him are the kind that make people want to ride.  

We miss you, buddy.  

With heavy hearts we had to release Nevada from his pain and lay him to rest.  Our vet is a wonderful person who helped us make it as peaceful and loving as possible.  I hope we did right by you, Nevada.  

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