Best Places to Read a Book on Red Mountain

I read the book “Red Mountain” by Boo Walker and it inspired me to write this post.  I loved reading the book and trying to figure out the people and locations that inspired his characters and settings.  (And yes, we’re in there!)


There are actually a number of great places to read a book on Red Mountain, in any kind of weather.  There are few things as indulgent as a beautiful setting, fantastic wine, and great books.  Here’s a round up of my favorites (and some books I like):

Warm Weather

  • Location: Fidelitas patio, in an Adirondack chair overlooking their vineyards and the Yakima Valley.  You can see Mt. Adams on a clear day.  
    Book: Cork Dork, Bianca Bosker
  • Location: Hedges Family Estate, in a chair out by the fountain.
    Book: Red Mountain, Boo Walker
  • Location: Terra Blanca patio.  Nosh from the Vineyard Grille, sip wine, and relax overlooking the pond. 
    Book: Kitchen Confidential, Anthony Bourdain
  • Location: Cooper Wine Company.  The laid-back party vibe and fun folks here pair perfectly with some Mark Manson, and I mean it in the best possible way.
    Book: The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F***, Mark Manson.
  • Location: Hightower patio.  One of the highest viewpoints on the hill, with breathtaking views of the AVA.  Cozy patio and bold wine, perfect for some Norse Mythology.  
    Book: Norse Mythology, Neil Gaiman
  • Location: Tapteil patio.  Next to Hightower, another gorgeous viewpoint that takes in the entire AVA.  Great wines, beautiful patio.
    Book: A Sudden Country, Karen Fisher
  • Location: Col Solare patio.  Fabulous wine and the patio is so nice in the sun!
    Book: A Room with a View, E.M. Forster

Cold Weather

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