Hello? Spring? Is That You?

We have two small glacial remains in our backyard, the last remnants of Winter 2016/2017, aka “oh my god when will this white horror end?”  Tonight’s weather forecast predicts an inch of snow.  20170219_120640

Nevertheless, we persisted.  

25 fluffy little chicks arrived in the post the other day.  I welcome the constant peeping of the little fluff balls, they sound like spring.  And we are darn ready for it.  

20170225_114828 20170225_114410

This is also the “non chapstick” time of year.  The horses are shedding their coats at a rate such that if you’re not careful you’ll have a Shetland-pony’s worth of hair stuck to your lips.  Honestly. 

The hens were withholding eggs during the worst of the winter and now they’re cranking them out like a Pez dispenser.  Eggs everywhere.  

The first day of Spring is March 21st or so, and I had my doubts that we’d make it.  Despite the forecast for snow tonight, my optimism is returning.  

Hope to see you out here soon to enjoy it with us!




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