This Weather, Though!

I tell ya.  Over the weekend we were in the single digits, negative degrees at night.  We had about 8 inches of snow on the ground and my sole occupation was “breaking ice”.  

This morning it’s 43 degrees out.  So, like, 40 degrees warmer than Sunday morning at 5:00 am.  

It’s a chinook.  You know how every time it rains, it’s followed by winds?  That’s the pattern around here.  In the winter we’ll get a cold front with some precipitation, and then right on its heels is a warm wind.  That’s a chinook.  

My uncle never heard the word before coming to visit us, and quickly adopted it for his nickname for me.  I think maybe I talked a lot or something. 

I’m glad for the change in weather – the horse troughs are full, I don’t have to break ice, and I can actually sleep through the night without worrying about the critters quite so much.  

Not sure why I worry, horses are made for this weather and they love the cold.  This was them the other day when it was about 6 degrees out.

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