In Case You Ever Wonder What Breakfast is Like Around Here

I’ve always loved everything about feeding time — the sounds, the herd dynamics and interactions, the exercise.  Thought I’d share it with you in this video.  

Yukon is the first horse I feed, he gets Equine Senior as it’s more palatable to him.  The rest of the horses get alfalfa/grass mix.  We used to feed big round bales of grass and I could put enough out at once to last them a week.  However, with the drought on the west side last year and grass hay in short supply, we switched to local grass/alfalfa mix.  It’s about twice as expensive and even with netting over it the horses tend to consume it too quickly so we’re back to feeding twice daily.  It’s alright, I do enjoy communing with them. 

Izzy is at the end of the video and is still working on her manners at feeding time.  Like the horses, she needs to wait until I put her feed out and move away before she can dive in.  

Enjoy, and happy Friday!

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