Seriously Lacking in Creativity for a Title for This Post

I think I’ll name this post “Bob”.  I just can’t think what else to call it.  “Random end-of-year-ramblings and OMG LOOK A SQUIRREL!!!” would be appropriate.  


Axel is always trying to tell wishbone who's boss.  Wishbone could care less.

Axel is always trying to tell wishbone who’s boss. Wishbone could care less.

It’s one of those times where I need to reflect on the last year and write down my thoughts, but also to plan the upcoming year and get it all sorted out.  Meanwhile, I have this food hangover and the day-to-day business of life to tend to. 

And sleep.  Sleep would be nice.  Whenever I try, I think of all the stuff I need to write down, plan, and eat.  Thanks a lot, brain.

Hopefully you saw the link to our survey.  We are giving away some great things — wagon ride dinners, trail rides, etc.  You just have to fill in the survey, include your name and email, and you are automatically entered into a drawing.  PLUS!!! You will feel great about the awesome impact you have on a service we provide.  I mean, you have the chance to customize it to be something you’d enjoy, EVEN MORE.  

The survey is located at

If you haven’t filled it out, I’d sure appreciate your feedback if you did.  Oh, and “free stuff”.  đź™‚  



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