Meet the Horses: Nevada

We have an unintentional geographical theme to our horse names:  Yukon, USA, Nevada, and you could argue “Wrigley” is a place too (Wrigley Field). 

NevadaNevada is a dream horse — a beautiful red gelding with tall white socks that go to his knees.  He is a sweet guy who LOVES “horse yoga”.  Seriously.  He has a little hitch in his shoulder that sometimes bothers him, until I pick up his leg and stretch it way out in front of him and massage that shoulder.  He almost falls asleep, every time.  

You know that saying, “Never look a gift horse in the mouth”?  Nevada was a free horse I found on craigslist.  He belonged to a church camp where he was used for lessons and for the owner to ride up into the Mt. Rainier wilderness.  

Nevada was clearly a beloved family pet, but unable to ride into the mountains any longer because of that darn bum shoulder.  I felt pretty sure that our easy, flat terrain would suit him well, and when I visited him I could tell his sweet disposition would fit well with our program.  NevadaAce2

Nevada has been a wonderful addition.  He is a steady-Eddie kinda guy who just likes to get along with everyone.  He’s in semi-retirement, and is especially suited to kids camps and lessons.  He enjoys the attention and light exercise.  

We rotate the horses between irrigated pastures and a dry lot.  Every time we rotate his herd into the irrigated pastures from the dry lot, he’s the first to run and kick.  He does love to play in the grass!  

Nevada has been with us from the start — 3 years now — and he’s been a gem.  



Nevada and his Cowgirl.

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