Meet the Horses: Suzzie

For such a dainty, delicate looking horse, Suzzie has been the cornerstone of our operation.  She’s a registered Arabian mare.  Arabians are notoriously friendly, docile, high-strung, and energetic.  Prone to spook at pretty much anything.  They have exceptional endurance and are used in endurance ride competitions.  

Then there’s Suzzie.  She has all the toughness of the breed, she’s probably the toughest horse I’ve ever had.  She can ride all day with any size rider and never miss a beat.  

The breed is often noted as being “easily spooked” or “sensitive.”  But nothing bothers Suzzie.  “High strung” and “energetic” are not in her DNA.  

We joke sometimes that she’s our “stoner pony”.  She just likes to snack and chill out.  She does nothing with ambition, she is just happy to enjoy the trails and her new people.  

Suzzie is a beautiful mare — technically she’s called a “grey” (most people call her white).  She has small freckles in her coat and a white mane and tail.  She has the longest, prettiest white eyelashes you’ll ever see.  She hates water – I blame her desert-dwelling roots for that – but loves instead to roll in the hottest sand she can find in the summer.  

Hurry up guys! Friends and horses and vines.  Awesome. Suzzie!Suzzie GabbyandSam


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