Does “Ride More” Count as a Mid Winter Project?

Awhile back I posted about this ambitious list I had of “mid winter projects” — all the stuff I’d do during our down time in the winter.  

Pshaw.  Instead I joined the local drill team because the only mid-winter project I’m interested in is riding more horses, more often.  

Not so sure about this drill team business — it seems so far like everything they do is named “suicide” something.  Suicide cross, suicide this, suicide that.  I suppose that if you consider you have an arena full of horses galloping at/through/around each other, “suicide” is an apt description.  

They’re a nice bunch of riders and the more craziness I can expose the trail horses to, the better rounded they’ll be.  Wrigley is the alpha mare of our herd, so riding her with the drill team is quite an experience.  She mostly wants to either a.) go fast, everywhere or b.) whip the other horses into a perfect little obedient herd instead of what she sees as total disarray.  

So far my “mid winter project” has been “surviving drill team practice”.  


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