Our Horses Don’t “Escape” So Good

The “herdlet” of mares got out this morning around 3.  Jeff and I went out to investigate.  For the most part my experience with horses escaping has been that they get loose, lose their minds over their new-found freedom, and it takes hours of walking and food-bribing to get them back.  Just about the time you think you can sneak the rope over their necks, they take off.  

It’s enough to make you want to chew your own arm off.  

We went out and once I got a visual on the horses, we ignored them and went to check the fence.  Immediately Wrigley was following, so I turned around to pet her.  I gave her a good scratch and carried on.  She continued to follow.  

We got the fence fixed and I let Wrigley in.  The others were equally easy to catch and after a quick check for cuts and whatnot, we put them back in their paddock.  The little Arab – Suzzie – couldn’t resist the cool evening and moonlight, and I couldn’t blame her.  She did a quick lap with her tail in the air, and then was ready to go back into the paddock.  

They got lots of petting and hugs, I was so appreciative of them sticking around instead of doing something foolish.  Whew!

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