The MOWP List

We have a MOWP list.  MOWPs are “Middle of Winter Projects”.  It’s all the stuff that we want to work on but don’t have time any other time of year.  

It’s a double-edged sword though.  The more we grow our business, the shorter our “Middle of Winter” window is.  Yet, the more we grow our business, the longer the project list is.  

And don’t forget the MOWPs we never finished last year.  Our barn is like a graveyard for half-started projects.   

What are some of our MOWPs?  

  • build insulated covers for the stock tanks
  • remodel the bathroom
  • hobble-break all the horses
  • rebuild one of the wagons
  • redesign this website
  • build a couple of Android apps for managing our herd
  • put together our “Cowboy Camps” for next year
  • make pates for next year’s dinner rides
  • make portable sprinkler sets for the pastures

… it goes on and on.  

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