Trail Ride Season Ends, Wagon Season Begins

The trail riding season is over.  We enjoyed a season of growth – more riders means more friends for us!  The horses also had a great year of being doted on by visitors.  I’m not sure who enjoys trail riding more — us or the horses.  
Here’s a video of a double-rainbow on our last day of the trail-ride season this year.

Now it’s time for us to buckle down and get ready for holiday wagon rides.  This is our first year offering them and we’re excited.  We’ve had the team out a number of times, taking friends and loved ones for rides through the vineyards.  Sometimes – as the sun set over our shoulder and the vines enveloped us, the horses’ feed quietly shuffled in the sand – everyone in the wagon went perfectly silent.  There is something magical about the wagon rides.  

Imagine jingle bells, a tree-lined lane decorated with twinkle lights, open sky studded with stars, Christmas carols, a bonfire, hot chocolate, crisp air, and if we’re lucky – snow.   For us, it’s a dream come true.  Here’s hoping it is for you and your family too.


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