Dreams of a Horse-Filled Life

I can tell you a million different ways that, as a girl, I dreamt of living a horse-filled life. I was going to be a trick rider, a cowgirl, a team roper, a horse trainer, a horse whisperer, a cookie (chuck wagon driver/cook), a jockey – you name a horse-related profession, and it was on my list.  

Eventually, my dreams of a horse-filled life were replaced with more “practical, responsible” ideas.  Broadcasting your desire for a horse-based career is right up there with telling people you want to be an artist when you grow up.  Everyone says, “get a college degree” and “there’s no money in horses.”  I believed that horses might be a fulfilling hobby for me, while I pursued things like travel, college, and a career in software testing.  

Yet, here we are, almost accidentally.  We have a small herd of horses out here on our little “ranch”.  I’ve all but given up wearing lipstick or balm because I’m constantly coated in horse hair.  That’s a good thing.  A couple of weeks ago I went to a driving school in Montana.  The entire week we drove teams of horses — up country roads, through town, through tunnels, up hills, DOWN hills, in traffic, out in fields, and around obstacle courses.  
It was HEAVEN.  And that’s when I realized — somehow, the dreams I eventually shoved under the proverbial carpet have come true.  

Here’s a little video from my trip to Montana, just some fun stuff.  If you ever want to take a “working” or “educational” vacation, I can’t recommend Frasers enough.  You can follow them on Facebook (Fraser School of Driving Horses) or go to their website at www.drivehorses.com

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