We Have Wonderful Problems!

We spent all of last summer and part of this one down at the hitching rails at Kiona Vineyards Winery.  While there we met so many wonderful people and the horses were loved on by kids and adults alike.  It really helped introduce people to what we are all about.  

This year you may’ve missed us at the hitching rails lately and wondered where we were.  We were out riding!  

The last couple of months, we’ve been booked pretty solid with reservations.  We usually spend enough time at the hitching rails to get the horses a drink and rest and wait for our next ride.  

It’s been a bit of a struggle to shift from staying at the hitching rails and visiting with you all, to going to almost entirely reservations.  We miss the “meet and greet”!  But, the really cool benefit of this change is how the horses are thriving.  We are able to manage their time better so that they don’t have to even leave the field unless we need them for a ride, where before we would saddle every horse and take them to the hitching rails.  They don’t spend much time at all standing idle at the hitching rails (which they didn’t mind but I’d always rather see a horse moving than standing).  We’re generally able to just get more done, more efficiently, and the number one beneficiaries of that is the horses.  

So, if you’re thinking about going for a ride with us, please check out our reservation page or call us and we’ll set something up.  You can reach us at 1-888-414-1619 or go to our reservation page.

Nana and her granddaughters. Love this picture!

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