My husband Jeff is not a big horse-riding person.  He always says, “If I can ride one where my feet touch the ground, that’s just right.”  

This is a good thing, because there is a LOT of stuff to be done that doesn’t require riding horses, so it’s actually better that he and I don’t have to flip a coin over who gets to ride.  

Sometimes he’s pressed in to service though, and has to do a bit of cowboyin’.  I love it when this happens, and if I can just get a little PG-13 on you — I think he’s sexy on a horse. 

Here he is, “cowboyin'”, helping me with our afternoon commute home.  “Ponying” is what you call it when you ride one horse, and lead another (or several other) horse behind you.  It’s not really something for a beginner, but our horses know the routine and Jeff isn’t your average beginner.  

Everything about our job is fun, including the commute.  Jeff is riding Nevada and ponying Yukon.

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