Weekend Update

What a whirlwind weekend!  I actually spent 10 hours in the saddle one day.  That was awesome.  

Our horses can be real characters.  During one ride I thought I’d give our big black Tennessee Walker mare a break and left her at the hitching rails with Jeff.  Off we went down the hill and into the vineyards.  After about 10 minutes I heard some sort of shuffling behind us and glanced back to see what it was.  Out of the corner of my eye I saw a horse, and assumed Jeff decided to join us.  The shuffling continued to get closer and I turned around to see USA, riderless, bearing down on us like a freight train.  She’d managed to untie herself somehow and didn’t want to be left behind!  

USA can be quite impish.

I spent a minute or so trying to walk up to her and catch her, but she clearly enjoyed her freedom too much.  We rode off without catching her and that horse settled right in to the string and cruised along for the entire ride.  It was hilarious.  Sometimes she’d walk out in front of us and lead the way, other times she settled in to her favorite position which is right at Wrigley’s side.  

Meanwhile, here’s a little media update — we are in the news!  How fun is that?

Happy Trails!



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