Wishbone and Sis

We added a new couple of horses to our string in March.  They are a pair of Belgian draft horses named Wishbone and Sis.  They’re huge.  By huge I mean: if you’ve ever wanted to own a pet dinosaur, this is the closest you’d get.  

We’ve been spending our summer getting them outfitted for wagon rides.  

It takes a lot to do this — getting the pieces and parts of the harness and bridles to be sized correctly, to fit correctly.  And then there’s the wagon — having that all set up and ready takes a fair amount of time.  Of course, Jeff and I are learning to drive the team which is a team effort and takes time to really become proficient and safe.  In fact, the one piece of the whole equation that I think is really ready and knows the job inside and out is the team of Sis and Wish.  

We love it.

When we first got them, I have to say, their size was pretty darn intimidating.  But all you have to do is walk near their field and they come up to say hi, lowering those enormous heads down so you can scratch their foreheads.  

Wishbone and Sis love the following things, in the following order:  

  • Food
  • People
  • Work

A friend from the Drink and Draw club sent me this picture of Wishbone and Sis.  Wishbone is the big guy, Sis is the shorter mare.  Do those faces beg to be kissed or what?  

Keep an eye out on our Facebook page or on here for updates on these two!



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