Well, Hello there!

It is no coincidence that I’ve basically stopped posting to this blog since the beginning of May.  Things got busy, and as much as I love to write, I’m pretty happy to have my days filled with trail-rides!

But gosh darn, we have so many horse tales to share with you.  I even went on a vineyard trail ride in Sonoma County!  

I’ll keep this short for now and leave you with two things:

  • We are offering a 20% discount on trail ride reservations over the next two weekends (Saturday – 7/26/14, Sunday – 7/27/14, Friday – 8/1/2014, Saturday – 8/2/14, and Sunday – 8/3/14).  You just have to make your reservation for those dates 12 hours in advance for the trail rides and 24 hours in advance for dinner rides.  
    To reserve, contact us at:  1-888-414-1619 or email at: info@redmountaintrails.com
  • The second thing is: this photo.  It was taken from the top of Red Mountain in May of 1980.  It looks down on what is now Goedhart in the foreground, Heart of the Hill (a Kiona vineyard) past that, and the little orchard used to be my family orchard but is now E&E Shaw vineyards (of Portrait Cellars).  My how things have changed.  Check out our Facebook page for Throwback Thursdays when I’ll be posting more images from “back in the day.”  Have a great weekend!
Looking south from the top of Red Mountain.

Looking south from the top of Red Mountain.

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