The Season Started!

Things around here have been BUSY!  To quote George Costanza in Seinfeld (the one where Elaine dances), “Sweet Fancy Moses!”

We’re so busy I don’t know half the time if I’ve found my rope or lost my horse.  

You may have seen that we’ve received some great media coverage lately!  Jeff handles all of this like a pro.  Me?  I get nervous.  I mean, media coverage requires makeup, which I’m notoriously bad at applying.  Every time I put makeup on I look like a recent graduate of the Raggedy Ann school of cosmetology.  

Meanwhile, a dream that Jeff and I have had for 3 years has finally come to fruition.  No, not the lottery dream.  Nor the dream of mine where I find an endless supply of calorie-free chocolate.  And not the dream of a self-cleaning house.  

Still, we’re excited.  We bought (wait for it)…

More horses!  

Ha!  Really, we bought a team of draft horses!   After months of searching (and driving ALL.  OVER!) we found two wagons and a team.  

Wishbone and Sis are perfect, and a sight to behold.  I will admit to some level of fear when I first looked at them.  It was like standing between a pair of dinosaurs.  But then they just exude such peace and contentment, you can’t help but be taken in by them.  

So, keep an eye out for updates, we’ll be adding wagon rides to our offerings.  Sis and Wish are in a “settling in” phase — getting oriented to the work and their new home.  Expect to see them out at the hitching rails this summer.  And be sure to stop by and say hi! 

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