Meet the Horses: Yukon

I first met Yukon in the fall of 2012.  My primary horse (Wrigley) had a cold and I needed to borrow a horse to gather and sort cattle.  (Yup, horses get colds — complete with coughing and a runny nose.)

My friend loaned me his horse, Yukon.  Yukon and I spent the day rounding up cattle — flushing them from the sage, turning back the more stubborn-minded ones, and dashing across the fields to get the job done.  Yukon was rock-solid the whole time.  I could tell he took his job seriously.  Later, when my friend offered Yukon as an addition to our string, I jumped at the chance!


Yukon likes to have a job. Whether he’s chasing cattle through the sagebrush or taking a rider for her first horse ride, he has a quiet, practical sensibility about him.  He is semi-retired from ranch work now, and is enjoying life as a trail horse on Red Mountain.


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