Spring on Red Mountain

Last Sunday morning I woke up and it was 19 degrees outside.  We went on a ride by the river, and even though it was sunny, we still wore light jackets.  When I brushed my riding horse (Wrigley), I had enough horse-hair stuck in my brush to make a Shetland pony.

Each ride this week I’ve been able to wear lighter and lighter clothing.  Today the temperature is predicted to reach 70.  Wrigley is almost done shedding.  I hope so anyway, she’s been shedding so much I can’t even wear lip-balm because my lips end up all fuzzy, I look like I’ve kissed a porcupine.

The horses are feeling good, the jackrabbits are out.  On every ride you can hear the Meadowlark sing and Killdeer make a racket protecting their nests.

Spring is definitely here.

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